Combining private life with business life in a way that satisfies both needs to the full, often seems difficult. The demands and expectations posed by modern life are high.
Most of our precious time is spent at work. Despite their major contributions to the quality of life, little time is left for social activities, love, intimacy and friendship.

To make all ends meet, to optimally combine business life with our private aspirations, creating extra time and flexibility in our daily schedules has become a necessity.

With this thought as her guideline, private recruiter & headhunter Natanja Lokerse created Some-Buddy. A unique company offering exclusively tailored private staffing solutions to individuals, families and corporations worldwide. Working with only the best professionals the private service industry has to offer.

"We assess your needs and devise an effective plan for running your home, organizing your life and creating more flexibility, freeing up your time- and your mind. We are experts in creating time and flexibility."