In order to help parents combine work and parenthood in a flexible and educationally responsible way, Some-Buddy provides childcare at home with experienced and professional nannies.
Childcare at home is a unique form of childcare in which the attention for and stimulation of the development of the individual child plays a central role. We focus on a personal relationship with our clients in which confidence and communication between parents, ourselves and our nanny are of the utmost importance.

The familiar home environment in which the childcare takes place allows the child to feel at ease. This will help the nanny to come closer to the child in order to provide the best care and support needed. A close relationship is of great importance for interaction between child and nanny and ultimately for the development of the child.

Stability and continuity in our childcare solution are provided for, since the same nanny can take care of the child over a long period of time. Stability and continuity in the immediate environment of the child is essential, especially in early childhood.

Apart from the above educational advantages of our childcare at home it also offers parents with some practical advantages. Our childcare at home solution provides parents with more flexibility. Our nanny can take care of the child at any given hour of the day, at night, in the weekend or during the holidays. Last but not least, parents will no longer have to bring and pick up their child from day-care, thus are no longer bound to opening hours of day-care facilities.

The high quality of Some-Buddy childcare is recognized by the Dutch Act on childcare law, the “Wet Kinderopvang”. The costs of our childcare are therefore, for inhabitants of the Netherlands, partly paid for by the dutch Dutch government. This is only possible if using our payrolling option.

Some-Buddy childcare at home also provides tailored solutions for parents with children having a disorder or handicap. Our specialised nannies are able to provide the child with the individual attention and stimulation so often needed.